Blue Plate – Downtown Portland


The daily deliciousness being whipped up at Blue Plate in downtown Portland, Oregon is a quaint flash to the past without any overbearing gimmicks. Just old-timey 1920’s goodness delivered in the form of lunch counter comfort food and savory soda fountain sweets, helping PDX’ers cope with their notoriously relentless stormy weather. (check out their Twitter feed!). A true glimpse back into American culture through delicious food!

The menu features a small but versatile selection of lunch staples cooked on a small grill and sandwiched with thick slices of crisp Texas toast (and sliders). The grilled cheese with bacon and sliced tomato served with tomato soup was the best rendition of the comfort combo I have ever tried.Image The presentation alone brings you to a smile. I am a dunker at heart and could not wait to get those thick slices of toast smothered with their homemade tomato soup served in a coffee mug.

I did my Lunchaimer’s a disservice by visiting Blue Plate on a Monday. They have a special item devoted to each day of the work week starting on Tuesday’s that I hear are all must haves.Image With only limited time in Rip City I called upon my sister (who has certainly been a strong contributor to my current lunch credentials) to chow down on the “American in Paris” sandwich: thick slices of roasted chicken, savory thick cut bacon, Swiss cheese, honey mustard book-ended with slabs of charred Texas toast and a side of plain but delicious mashed potatoes with skins. From a food perspective, Blue Plate wants you to feel like you’re right as rain under the grey Portland sky.


As for the soda fountain and Blue Plate’s dessert menu…I don’t know where to begin. Their creations are exponential in comparison to how direct their lunch menu is structured. Of all the different homemade sodas, shakes, malts and sweets, I had to go with my favorite dessert beverage of all time. The egg cream: milk, chocolate syrup and seltzer water. ImageWhat a spectacular treat. I am smiling right now as I type. It was so rich and delicious that I got all chocked up and nearly started raining tears of joy down my cheeks. The soda fountain menu is very long. If you’re an out-of-towner, choose wisely and choose from ingredients that you wouldn’t be able to find in your everyday dessert spot. When was the last time you went to a lunch counter and found star anise (pictured above) as an ingredient to construct your own handcrafted soda?


Blue Plate’s lunch counter and soda fountain are a homage to a time when life was simpler. But don’t think for a minute that choosing what to lunch on will be simple at all. Life is always filled with tough decisions! If you’re feeling blue, hungry, happy, or any other emotion for that matter, Blue Plate is here to help you deal with whatever life is serving you up today.




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