LuncHaim Favorites


Dear LuncHaimers,

I am recapping a solid first half of LuncHaim eats for 2013 and would like to pay a little visual homage to my favorite spots to lunch it up!

FYI, the Chego Truck is no more. Visit their new location in Chinatown:
727 North Broadway, #117, 90012

As for Guisados. They are still up to their old tricks and are in the works of launching a 3rd location in DTLA.

Much love to Guisados and Chego for all the good eats and pretty pictures!

Guisados – Echo Park

ImageBrand new to Echo Park is Guisados. I’m not from LA, so I am not going to sit here and write that I have any legitimacy in decreeing  a taco the best. But, Guisados‘ gots a grip on me.

Shall we start with the tortilla? Why thank you: Image Look at this mama makin’ masa tortillas one at a time. The result is a truly fresh and unique tortilla that is both pillowy fluff and an altered state of chew.

What if Arnold Palmer was Mexican, you asked? Behold, a Jamaica (Hibiscus) + Lemon Limeade half&half: Armando Palmero


Guisados‘ cocina cooks homestyle recipes. The meat and veggies are braised (I cannot stress the word braise enough) with care, seasoned and sautéed with exploding Mexican spice and flavor. Calabistas headlines one of five veggie tacos on the menu. Mole Poblano Chicken tacos are braised in mole, topped with sesame and roasted pepitas…Absolutely incredible (pictured right). ImageIf you are not a spice person, stay far far away from the Cochinita Pibil taco. You can get a spice level ranging from 1-10. Don’t think you can order a 2 and be safe. I am a spice lover and was dripping in Habanero sweat munching on a 2!

Get to Guisados. They are located in Echo Park and neighboring Boyle Heights, with a location soon opening in DTLA. This will be one of the most simple but extravagant taquerias you will ever visit. Image