LuncHaim Favorites


Dear LuncHaimers,

I am recapping a solid first half of LuncHaim eats for 2013 and would like to pay a little visual homage to my favorite spots to lunch it up!

FYI, the Chego Truck is no more. Visit their new location in Chinatown:
727 North Broadway, #117, 90012

As for Guisados. They are still up to their old tricks and are in the works of launching a 3rd location in DTLA.

Much love to Guisados and Chego for all the good eats and pretty pictures!

Ricky’s Fish Tacos – Silver Lake


What’s better than eating at a food truck? How about eating in a driveway! Ricky’s Fish Tacos is frying up fish and shrimp Ensenada style with a house batter made to Imageorder. Tacos can be dressed with fresh cabbage, pico and a trio of sauces to choose from. It is quite a treat to enjoy such amazing food in the middle of what seems like someone’s driveway in Silver Lake. It almost feels illegal or a violation of some kind.


Just look at those little fried puppies hanging over the edge of that fryolater. Topped with Ricky’s smattering of crunchy, juicy and saucy fresh fixings, each bite is a mouthwatering blend of crisp texture and Mexican flavor.


You can check out Ricky’s hours on his vibrant Twitter feed where he also posts when the fish runs out or if he’s frying up anything special, like lobster! Wash your tacos down with a cup of home made horchata. There’s something that I love way too much about any restauranteur that focuses on a few small things really well instead of over loadingImage you with a bunch of crap. Ricky’s Fish Tacos is a fun treat to be had on any sunny day in LA. Pull up to Ricky’s onĀ 1400 N. Virgil, Los Angeles, grab a place in line and be prepared to bite into the freshest fried fish taco you’ve ever scarfed down!