LuncHaim Favorites


Dear LuncHaimers,

I am recapping a solid first half of LuncHaim eats for 2013 and would like to pay a little visual homage to my favorite spots to lunch it up!

FYI, the Chego Truck is no more. Visit their new location in Chinatown:
727 North Broadway, #117, 90012

As for Guisados. They are still up to their old tricks and are in the works of launching a 3rd location in DTLA.

Much love to Guisados and Chego for all the good eats and pretty pictures!

The Elotes Man – Culver City Farmers Market


The Elotes Man…Of all the goodness I have come across in my 6 years as an Angelino, this is my favorite slice of culinary tradition. Corn is sweet, crisp, snappy and juicy. Buttery at times…Maybe some salt. That’s as far as American’s have taken your traditional ear of corn. Leave it to Mexican culture to completely transform your flavor perception of those little golden nuggets. Butter, lime juice, salt, parmesan cheese, spices/seasoning, hot sauce and mayonnaise roasted in a 800 degree inferno of heat; that is The Elotes Man. Just press play and make your way to the Downtown Culver City Farmers Market every Tuesday afternoon/evenings from 2-7pm.
Thank you, Elotes Man!

Mexican Fruit Cart – Los Angeles


If there is one piece of Los Angeles that has wowed me time and time again since arriving here almost 6 years ago, it’s the Mexican fruit cart. Littered across the entire city every other block or so, you can hear sharpened knives bouncing off cutting boards as succulent fruit slices fall like dominos. Watermelon, mango, pineapple, jicama, cucumber, orange, coconut and melon are scooped up, served in a baggie and doused with lime juice, salt and hot chile sauce if desired.

At $4 for a massive single serving or $6 for a weeks worth of diced fruit, to me, it is undoubtedly the best food deal in all of Los Angeles. I would love to see other countries and/or chefs take a stab at revolutionizing the fruit cart. Not because the Mexicans don’t have it covered, but because there is the potential to really make the flavors explode!

This LuncHaim goes out to LA and her Mexican culture. Enjoy the video!

“The difference between Los Angeles and yogurt is that yogurt comes with less fruit.”
~Rush Limbaugh
You couldn’t have said it any better, Rush!